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PRAY that God would open the eyes of the Japanese so that they will come to Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4). Almost 60% of all towns and villages still have no church or Christian witness.

PRAY that pastors will have a vision to train lay people.  Pray that believers will have wisdom and courage to reach out to others with the gospel.

PRAY for the Alliance Bible Institute, an online Bible training school, which started in April 2022. Pray for the students and teachers. Pray for more students to enroll for the new school start in April 2023. Pray that God will raise up more pastors and missionaries from among Alliance churches.

PRAY that God would continue to bring together the Alliance churches in Japan to work together for gospel advance.

PRAY for the young people of Japan.  Student witness is strategic for the future of the church.  Pray for leaders to be raised up in our churches among the young adults.

PRAY for a new ministry among young people that has restarted. These young people come from different Alliance groups in the Tokyo area. Pray for the Leadership Team as they plan and seek God for the direction of this ministry.

PRAY for the Alliance Church Network. Pray that God would continue to strengthen this network.

PRAY for the Japan Alliance Church.  Pray for more students to enter the seminary. Pray for many aging pastors. Pray for an increased attendance in Sunday Schools.

PRAY for our vision to start more churches in the greater Tokyo area in the years ahead.

PRAY for the work in Tohoku.  Pray for the church plants in Ishinomaki and Sendai.

PRAY for personnel who have come to Japan to begin an Envision site in Sendai. Pray for the vision of this ministry and for more workers to join this team.

PRAY for the Vietnamese ministry, a new initiative to reach many Vietnamese young people who are working and studying in Japan.